What We Do..

We Develop Technology Driven Solution for Your Business

We bring our diverse experience and skill to solve todays problems using cutting edge technologies. We have successfully applied our solutions in the Political and E Governance space. We rationalize expenditure and save money, bring in efficiency and increased transparency and make interaction between entities simple and fast.

How we do it


Our data gathering suite of applications aggregate data in real time. To name a few, the Survey product captures ground realities while Social Media product captures online content from social platforms and News Media.

Our data integration platform aggregates streaming content from all our products and external sources to make the data ready for Analytic Processing. Built on a messaging platform, the Data Integration platform is capable of integrating data on the fly and make it available in seconds.

We help clients find insights, diagnose problems areas, predict trends and prescribe ways of optimizing the solution. Our team of data scientists are certified professional, who work with our Software Engineers to package the analytical solutions into a usable product.

Our team of Software Engineers come from a solid background on years of Software Development. From Web Applications to Cloud Based Applications to Big Data solutions, our experts handle any product development with ease.

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