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Domains We Service

We started out with delivering critical business value to our clients in the eGovernance space. Over time, we have expanded our expertise to servicing clients from Cybersecurity, FMCG, and Insurance.

About Us


Erect Market Research as a failproof source of market intelligence by leveraging the latest & greatest of technology and human talent


Empower our clients in their decision-making & market penetration by providing thoroughly validated, objective-based actionable insights

Leadership Team

Deekshith Vemuganti

Senior Vice President – Operations

Deekshith comes with 13+ yrs. of experience in building, training, and scaling cross-domain teams to deliver enterprise operations at scale. With us, he oversees the org-wide Operations that involves all our key verticals cohesively coalescing to deliver critical business value to our clients. Our business verticals Primary Research, Survey, Data Management, Media Analytics, Media Studies, and Contact Center Operations report in to Deekshith. Deekshith loves running on weekdays, and a literature classic can always be spotted by his bedside.

Subbarayan Nidasanametla

GM - Administration & Finance

Subbarayan held a rank position with one of the national banking giants for good part of the last 4 decades. He brings with him an unparalleled expertise of managing our key Finance vertical. He specializes in optimizing the org’s financial health, alongside managing overall Administration. A man with undying passion for getting things done, Subbarayan adds vitality the overall culture of Infocrunch.

Gursharan Singh

Chief of Process Excellence

Gursharan has been instrumental in the company’s growth by setting up our Primary Research processes over time. He has been a key member of the core team by adding immense value through defining research objectives, methodologies, and ultimately, getting results. Gursharan loves exploring new, emerging technologies when he’s not busy building sustainable processes that take firm forward.

Laxminarasimha Tanneeru

Head of Technology

Laxmi innovates to bring all our wild ideas to life, thanks to his 18+ yrs. of technology experience & expertise. Laxmi heads our Technology vertical, which comprises of our Analytics platforms, mobile apps, intranet portals, to name a few. Laxmi likes to stay ahead of the curve of emerging technologies, and we haven’t seen a bigger fan of Automation than he.

Kumar Vipul

Head of Primary Research

Vipul is a key stakeholder in Infocrunch’s Research Ops, by heading the Primary Research vertical. He oversees and delivers on significantly big Primary Research projects by managing a major vein of resources at our Delhi headquarters.
A B-School product by education, Vipul enjoys the knack of bringing out the best in his people while keeping the mood always upbeat!

Nipun Anand

Head of Media Analytics

Nipun heads our coveted Media Analytics practice, where he marries the power of Secondary Research with the swathes of historical data to build insightful narratives. His team is a young bunch of research-hungry folks, and he ensures they continue loving what they do. Nipun is a connoisseur of Urdu poetry, and an avid swimmer too.

Krishnanand Rai

Head of Media Studies

Krishna heads our Media Studies vertical, which gives us invaluable insights into our clients' reputation quotients and public perception. He leads a team of geography-specific Media Analysts who follow, analyze, and derive nuanced insights about everything in traditional media. Apart from work, Krishna spends his time voraciously following global current affairs.

Prashanth Chintapalli

Chief Strategic Advisor

Prashanth was key in setting up Infocrunch’s robust Operations function in its entirety, when he was the COO for 4 years. After transitioning into the Chief Advisor role, Prashanth empowers the firm with key strategic insights that help Infocrunch evolve in terms of our competencies & clientele. Prashanth is an Engineer by education, and an Entrepreneur by passion. He dabbles with material sciences as a pastime, and has been successful in floating a enterprise-scale smart metals setup, born purely out of his passion.

Sawan Tilak

Chief Technology Advisor

Sawan is the technology visionary behind architecting, building, and scaling our entire suite of technology applications. As the CTO since our inception till his transition as a Technology Advisor, Sawan has always thought ahead of time in positioning our tech competencies to stay ahead of the market’s curve. A Technology Leader by profession, Sawan continues guiding our Technology team foresee and tackle nuanced challenges we face by being in an ever-evolving domain.

What We Do

We do Market Research like very few do.

How do we do that?

We have built organic teams over years that are incontestably good at what they do.

Our Presence

India is our primary playground. We have covered all its geographies with six strategic locations that ascertain our Pan-India presence.

Life at infocrunch

Life at Infocrunch transcends corporate playbooks. It’s not about the hours we put in, it’s about the ownership we take for our work. Our teams are geographically distributed, yet closely connected in delivering business value to our clients.

  • Employees are heard & felt
  • Efforts get recognized & rewarded
  • People grow on all fronts
  • Everyone goes home feeling fulfilled


Our growth over the last 7 years has been 25x. Come join the team as we leap from 25x to 50x. Check out the openings below.

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